Bryan your therapist website guyYour website communicates with your clients; it helps them get the know you and gives them a feel for how you work… that is what I will help you achieve.

I understand the complexities and needs of the helping professions; and it is this knowledge combined with my own background in business, management and marketing which puts me in a unique position to help you find your clients.

I’m not practising as a natural therapist these days, although I did study shiatsu and aromatherapy; and I’m a qualified business coach too.

I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and over that time have learnt what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing natural therapies and related businesses, especially smaller businesses where budget is a major consideration.

No… I am not the cheapest (or the most expensive); I offer you good value, care, understanding and common sense… all neatly packaged in a new or updated website.

My knowledge and understanding of the marketing needs of the complementary health and related industries stems from the years I have been helping my wife with marketing her own businesses. When we met, Carole was in business as a remedial massage therapist. Back then all I really did was design her business cards and brochures. It was when she graduated as a medical herbalist that I began taking a more direct hand in marketing her services.

Carole has extended her counselling skills and qualifications, and now practices as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Her business comprises three main strands, each of which has it’s own ‘identity’ and website. My job is to ensure she attracts clients; I’m her in-house marketing manager and my duties include building and maintaining her websites, as well as producing all her printed materials.

Through her, I have learnt a lot about complementary health and other associated industries. I understand the unique problems faced by practitioners in attracting clients in a market which is becoming more competitive each year. I can help you strike that delicate balance between presenting a caring, wholistic and client-centric image, and the harsher impersonal commercial realities.

You are invited to take a little time exploring this website; learn about the process to getting your website ‘out there’, the services I offer and the costs involved. From time to time I also extend some special offers.

There’s a Frequently Asked Questions page which might answer some of your queries about websites and the online world generally, as well as my services. Of course if you have a question which is not answered or you want to take the first step in attracting clients to your business, you are welcome to contact me without any obligation.