Getting it Done – the Process of building your website

Like any important project, building your website starts with the first step – deciding to DO IT. Once you’ve made this important decision, the rest of the plan is set out below.

These steps do not necessarily have to be actioned in the order written here… but they will all have to happen in order for you to have a unique presence on the internet and generate business. (Please note that these steps only relate to the setting up of your website, not your overall business plans etc.)

Step 1: Contact Me

Step 2: Decide on and purchase a domain name (or several domain names – read the FAQs page for more about this)

Step 3: Arrange hosting for your website

Step 4: Decide on the structure of your website (navigation, menus etc.)

Step 5: Design your new website (colours and ‘feel’)

Step 6: Pull together the content for your website (words and pictures)

Step 7: Tell the world about your website and find clients

Here at Natural Therapy Websites, I particularly focus on steps 4, 5 and 7.

I can help you with the other steps, either with general advice, referring you to other consultants – or even doing it for you. If you want us to actually perform these tasks, extra costs will be involved in addition to the website packages quoted.

This is the Packages and Fees page.